Becca & Stephen

For those visiting our new site – HI! Welcome! A lot of life has happened between this wedding last fall and where life finds us now, but I'm more excited than ever for the ability to work alongside my husband and continue to grow this passion project of ours. We are dreaming, planning and forging our way into new and unfamiliar territories right now, and it's a very exciting season of life that seems to remain challenging yet filled with potential. Our anchor (and most often our sanity) throughout this time of growth and change has always been our people – our family, friends, supporters, brides, grooms, fellow entrepreneurs and inspiration. So for whatever reason brought you here, thank you. If we haven't met you yet, I hope that can change soon.

As I sit here curating some of my favorite images for this post, it brings me right back to this peaceful love-fest that was Becca & Stephen's wedding day. They were married on September 12th at a campground and family lake house in northern Indiana. These two have naturally earned their place in the elite club of 'extremely photogenic humans' that find their way to us. I was amazed at how calmly they both handled this day and how they just seemed to gracefully float from one moment to the next. Their wedding was laid back, intimate, and filled with their personality - from planting a tree after their ceremony to eating dinner from a taco bar. I really admire and appreciate when couples take the time to put themselves into the details and decisions surrounding the one day that is completely and totally about them. These two #nailedit in every way possible, and we're so grateful to have shared this beautiful day with them. It was all I could do not to burst into the song from Tangled at the end of the night as the lanterns were lit.

Here's to you and memories from your Indian summer wedding, Becca & Stephen!