Lil & Krueger

I'm so excited to finally share highlights from this wedding! We've had the pleasure of knowing Lil since 2012. She lived in the duplex opposite of Daniel's, and it didn't take long to be drawn in by her instant magnetism. She's an old soul and an all-around total sweetheart. Spend any amount of time with Lil (even just a few minutes in passing), and you will walk away feeling appreciated with spirits lifted. She has the biggest heart โ€“ for her animals, her patients, and her people, so it's not surprise that their wedding was just one big love fest.

Lil and Krueger were married on a bright and sunny fall day in October. The ceremony was held at St. Joan of Arc in Broad Ripple, and the celebration continued with all of their loved ones afterwards at the Fountain Square Theatre. It could not have been a more perfect venue choice for them. Their wedding was like an art deco dream. 20s glam. Vintage flair. Jewel tones galore. And can we just take a moment for that deep maroon fur shawl? I mean. SO good. But beyond all of the aesthetic perfection, it was such a pleasure to spend this special day with these two and witness the amount of love and support their friends and family have for each of them. Anytime we know a bride and groom beforehand, it is the greatest gift to be able to listen to the heartfelt speeches of those that admire them most. It just validates what we already know for ourselves.

Here's to a fantastic couple that will always hold a special place in our hearts. Your day was timeless, chic, and majestic, and we're so grateful to have shared it with you. <3