Cora & Greg

Not only were Cora and Greg a gorgeous couple to work with. They're family. Cora is Daniel's cousin, and we were so thrilled when they asked to do their engagement photos before their move to Knoxville for the start of Cora's PhD program at the University of Tennessee.

Cora and Greg are the ultimate laid back couple that we dream of working with everyday. I loved how natural they were together, even in front of the camera. This was SUCH a sticky and hot July day, but they didn't complain or let that throw them off.

The shoot started in Eagle Creek Park, and we moved to charming downtown Zionsville afterwards. They're getting married in Noblesville, IN next summer, and we'll be filming alongside Daniel's parents Brad and Colleen (Jacobson Photography). We're so excited that two of Daniel's cousins are getting married next year and couldn't be happier for both couples.

We're sending all the good vibes to Cora and Greg as they transition into this next chapter and settle into their new home together. It's a crazy time for both of them, but if anyone can handle it it's these two!

Fun fact: We unintentionally scheduled this shoot on the same date as their wedding in 2017.